Senior Warden’s Annual Report

Let us take a moment and reflect on the year that has just passed. We here at St. Stephen’s have weathered a storm. We have just completed a year without a Rector.

Was it a difficult year? I know you will agree with me when I say — oh yes, it has been difficult. But I believe we here at St. Stephen’s needed to take this past year to be calm and listen to what the Lord wanted us to do, where he wants us to head, and how we were going to be able to do His work in the future.

We as a Vestry spent many months restructuring ourselves — the Finance Committee, Worship Committee, Pastoral Care Committee, Outreach and so on. We will have much more to accomplish as we grow stronger. We contemplated the need for the continuation of the fish fries, and under the direction of Mrs. Cassie Pratt, it was a huge success. The fish fry was a great financial boost for the beginning quarter of 2011. Thank you to all who participated in that six-week event. Every hand was needed and so appreciated.

Although we did not have a Rector throughout this year, we did have continuous support throughout the year. We were blessed with being able to utilize consistently the service of the Rev. Marty Wright for the first six months. He brought a calming presence 
to our congregation. When Fr. Wright was called to be Rector at Johnstown on July 3, 2011, we again felt a severe loss. We had come to feel that he belonged to us.

Thankfully within three weeks we had found the Rev. David Kinsey to join us as a supply priest. It was apparent in a very short time that many of our parishioners liked and respected Fr. Kinsey. Although at first he was not looking to stay, the Lord had a very different idea of what was to come.

I am sure that everyone is well aware that Fr. Kinsey has agreed to commit to St. Stephen’s a minimum of one year of his service. Over the last month we as a vestry have accepted his offer and have requested that during this next year he take the position of Priest in Charge. We have made that request to the Diocese and Bishop Price. All meetings and requirements have been met, and officially as of Feb. 1, 2012, the Rev. David Kinsey is indeed Priest-in-Charge of St. Stephen’s Church.

Hopefully I can speak for all of us when I say that our Lord has made a perfect fit for St. Stephen’s with his choice of who shall walk, teach, and guide us into the future of where St. Stephen’s fits in His great and glorious plan.

May our gracious Lord bless St. Stephen’s and the congregation that holds it up to do his work!

Yours in Christ,
Karen L. Slobodian
Senior Warden
St. Stephen’s Church