“If Everyone Stands In Line to Receive, No One Will”

By the Rev. David L. Kinsey

Every day should be a reason for celebrating the numerous gifts which God has bestowed upon each of us. We recently celebrated several festive occasions—Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and New Year’s. These festive occasions are all about renewal, loving one another and giving thanks for the innumerable benefits each of us have received. However, if everyone stands in line to receive we could not receive the benefits of another person’s love since everyone is standing in line—waiting to receive.

There are two types of people in this world. Takers and Givers. We are born into this world as takers. Understandably so. We can do nothing for ourselves. We cannot feed, clothe  or bathe ourselves, so we depend on our parents or guardians to do these things for us. As we grow older, it is the responsibility of our parents to help us shed the takers’ needs and develop us as givers. My parents taught me well. “David, don’t give until it hurts, give until it feels good.”

How well I remember the process of transforming from a taker to a giver. I found comfort in having Mom and Dad do everything for me. So the process was gradual and yes, often painful. But I saw the blessings bestowed upon my parents by God because of their generosity. Their entire life was based on reaching out and touching the hearts of all they met. My Mom and Dad were God’s Masterpiece. And you—you were born with the “need to be loved” and you never lose that need. You too, when born, are God’s Masterpiece.

Unfortunately, somewhere on life’s highway, some individuals take the “Scenic Route of Life.” They have no desire to move from taker to giver. It’s all about ME and what can you do for ME. They live life with their hand out expecting help from everyone, including their family, the church, the synagogue and the government. How sad. What a waste of the potential of developing a talent that God has given them.

While everyone is born with the need to be loved, everyone’s greatest fear—for their entire life—is rejection. Perhaps the root of the problem has been rejection. Perhaps they were not afforded the opportunity of parental guidance. I have seen so many lives changed from takers to givers because they see the value in the importance of giving.

So if you see someone in need, don’t give them a fish—rather, teach them to fish. That is your Godly responsibility. And besides, someday they will love you for it.