Too much to gain to lose

fr_david_kinsey_smAs I reflect on my 20+ months with you, it causes me to smile. Your love, ministry and encouragement to me is truly a blessing. I just pray that you feel the same love, ministry and encouragement from me.

In this very short period of time together, it would have been easy to convince ourselves that the “struggle for survival is just not worth the aggravation.” It’s just not worth it — so let us all take this opportunity to sleep in on Sunday morning and let someone else worry about the spiritual dysfunction in so many worshiping communities.

Is the Boston Marathon tragedy just one more wake-up call? How many more can we expect until we “get it”? Will this great nation come together “for a while” and then just fall back into our “business as usual mode”? And trust me — there will be more acts of senseless violence — unfortunately. In our own hometown, there are those who commit violent crimes and the community is filled with fear — yet no one will come forward to identify those who bring terror into our streets for fear of reprisal.

The tragedy is us. If you really care about what impact you and collectively we can have as Christians, we need to be in church every Sunday. We need to be involved in our communities, lending a prayerful and helping hand. Is that too much to ask?

Don’t tell me you cannot do it, or you are too busy. You have already proven yourself in so many ways. You have proven your collective ability in the roof fund, fish fry, krafters, altar guild, choir, to name a few. The impact we have on this community is up to you. Sleeping in on Sunday morning is not an option. Saying “I am too busy” is not an option. The death of Jesus hanging on the cross is not an option.

We can no longer believe that such terroristic activity will never happen here where we live — that it always happens somewhere else.

Dear people we have too much to gain to lose. The ability to survive rests on the collective ability and prayerful efforts of us all. Don’t disappoint your creator.

—Rev. David L. Kinsey