Grow down?

Seeing little children in church on Easter morning was a great joy to me. Such children are the “dwelling place of God.” We too were, but we allowed our minds to overrule our souls and our brains and to speak louder than our hearts.

We do not, or perhaps we should not seek God in heaven but to find heaven in our midst. That is the real meaning  of the “Real Presence” of the Eucharist. It does not happen  just at the communion rail. That is simply a reminder.

And, since small children know it best (again, without compartmentalizing it in their brains), we must become as little children to recover. We need not, should not climb mountains (look at what just happened at Mt. Everest). We need to find that small boy or girl within us as Jesus taught us to do.

Dare we simply love one another as Jesus loves us? Dare we?

—The Rev. David Else