Amazing grace

Not so idle thoughts…

Anyone who denies the amazing reality of grace has his/her eyes and heart closed. Since “coming to believe” I have seen the golden thread of God’s grace woven intricately and compassionately in otherwise routine, daily happenings.

While I live in large part on Social Security, I live even more so on Godly Security and it started long before I hit 65. Somehow we have never had any major disaster even though we’ve never had what most would call financial security, and that started when we so “foolishly” took off for two years in seminary with three young kids at age 30.

As I left the parish ministry, God directed us to the house we’ve live in forty-four years when we obviously could never afford it. I think God does that so we might be free and better able to deal with some critical issues in our family, church and community. “Take God’s bus and leave the driving to Him,” but don’t ignore your fellow passengers! “That’s why I put you on that bus!”

—Rev. Dave Else