Let go and let God

We, too often, seem to be obsessed with “being in control.” Carried to an extreme we are thus seeking to be “as God.” Yet God’s world is constantly growing. “Behold, I make all things new,” the God of Revelation tells us.

I like to be under control—God’s control or grace. I like, for example, to body surf. I see where the big waves are breaking, lie down facing the shore and simply let the surf carry me to the shore. To me it is a sacrament of life, surrendering to the dynamic of God’s control, to grace, to love.

God recognizes the generations yet to be born and their needs and calls us to create that world to be, to be instruments not only of God’s peace but of His love and His vision of an ever-evolving creation. I love what past generations created to enrich our life. Now I am called to do the same, growing, evolving into a vision of God’s love and perfection.

To “be in control” is a delusion, perhaps a delusion of divinity. “That’s the way we always did it!” may be a regret, not an obsession for playing God. We can never really be God.

—Rev. Dave Else