“God does not need our prayers as much as we need to say them to even know the deepest will and desire of God and our own. Our prayers are simply seconding the motion.”

—Richard Rohr

Too often we believe that by praying we can change God’s mind, influence the Almighty. In truth, we seek in prayer to align our will with God’s, to get in line with, or as Rohr states it, “Second the motion.” The only one changed in prayer is yourself—aligning your will with God’s.

It has been by my looking back—reflecting upon my life—that I have come to realize God’s presence and acting within my life. My prayers since then have been to better know and accept God’s better plans for my life. Coming to McKeesport is a recent good example. “I second that motion! All in favor, say aye!”

—The Rev. Dave Else