Our journey has begun

TBabcockfullWe have just completed our first month together and I am excited. We have had some fun with the liturgical snafus, mostly at my doing. We have begun to discuss the future of St. Stephen’s. We have turned from focusing on the financial situation which we all know is difficult. We are beginning to think about things in front of us. We are slowly letting go of our great past, embracing it for all of its glory and excitement, while we begin to focus our energies on the path before us. Our past is the basis of our future, but we can not go back. That is just not possible. We can not live in the past because that means living among the dead.

St. Stephen’s is called to look forward to where Christ is calling us, to new life, and to muster all of our plentiful resources to go where we are called.

Yes, change is difficult. Yes change is hard because it means letting go of what we know. It means leaving comfortable ways of doing things behind. It means going to somewhere we are not sure of, and know little, if anything about. But, if we truly believe that God is calling us out to a new place, then we need to let our fears fall away.
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