Life after death

My brother Bob, six years older than me, knowing the problems that I would be facing in my “growing up years” (been there, done that) invested much in my life. I have since reinvested them in the lives of my kids, grandkids and others. Bob died much too young at age 38, yet in many ways lived on.

I suppose (at age 82) that I have invested much, also, in others’ lives that will live on when I’m gone (yet not really gone). I believe this is a vital aspect of what we call “eternal” life.

What we invest in the lives of family, friends and others … and yes, strangers … will somehow outlive us. That’s the nature of love. “Love never ends.” It broadens our life now, bringing fullness to it, and it will be there when we’re gone. Take the time to pass it on and your life will become fuller and eternal: “You gotta give it away to keep it!”

—The Rev. Dave Else