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St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
220 Eighth Avenue
McKeesport, PA 15132

Phone: 412-664-9379

Pastoral Care Emergencies and After Hours: Rev. Dr. Moni McIntyre, 412-605-0102

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear friends,

    In September – October 2014, a Russian vocal group “LYRA” is going to the East coast of the US with a concert tour. LYRA is a group of 5 professional singers (2 ladies and 3 men) singing in different music theaters, choirs and churches of St. Petersburg. Our concert program consists of hymns of Russian Orthodox church and folk songs.

    Now we are trying to get in touch with parishes, musicians, music organizations and all people in your country who are interested in the world culture and a cappella music. If you had such interest and you could assist us in arranging a recital we would appreciate your help very much. As mentioned above, we are working on the concert tour which should take place in Sep.-Oct. 2014. We have got already quite a few invitations from different churches. Still we would be so much thankful for any contacts one could give us and that might be interested in our performances in the Fall 2014 or whenever else.

    The main aim of our activity is to make Russian Church music well known in other countries by concerts and singing in ecumenical worships, and also to bring traditions of Russian folk music to people who are interested in Russia, its history and its culture. Our group regularly goes with concert tours to the US and European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, England, Ireland).

    Every year, since 2001, we tour around the US. Over 100000 Americans have already listened to us. We have friends all over your country who, we are sure, would be glad to say a word for us and prove the quality of our performance.

    If you would like to meet richness of Russian musical heritage and invite our group to your church please contact us at . We believe this would be a great and mutually enriching experience both for your community and for us.

    If you have any questions we would be happy to answer all of them. At your request we can pleasantly send you some WEB links with VIDEO recordings of our singing from the concerts in the past.

    We would be happy to sing for you and your community.
    Kind regards,
    LYRA vocal group
    St. Petersburg, Russia

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